Statistics show that a total of more than 5,000 non-state sales revenue in more than five million parts enterprises, together with the village-run enterprises, small non-state-owned enterprises and small family workshop, a total of nearly ten thousand companies active in the auto parts market, which product quality and corporate quality can be described as chaos. Sitting on the two advantages of low labor costs and the huge demand for cars in the market, the pity is that China has yet to a large auto parts enterprises.

Components can best embody the technical strength, the technology claimed by the domestic enterprises are mostly copy, strictly speaking, is "copied" the foreign product to decompose, and imitation, no grasp of the core technology of the product. Of course, objectively speaking, the parts industry in China started relatively late compared with foreign countries, foreign enterprises in cooperation with our local businesses, but also the technical strict control.

In addition to technology, however, the consciousness, but customs are also important reasons. Parts enterprises in China "technology" is too easy to see. For example, local car prices continue to introduce the so-called self-developed engine and gearbox, but in fact, most of these technologies is taking other people's powertrain modified look. If the core technology is so easy to break, Bosch is why each year has also invested a few hundred billion for R & D Insiders pointed out long ago, the core technology is difficult to learn or buy the only real input only output.

The final "short board" management system, particularly in procurement management. Parts enterprises into the dependence of OEMs, irrational procurement of infrastructure and procurement operations, the design process is the lack of synergy between the lack of constraints, design, procurement and manufacturing operations with suppliers, create win-win partnership, not in phenomenon of the early product design into a supplier of resources. These have die casting manufacturer led to the increase of the total product cost, mass-produced longer cycle increased market inventory increase or out of stock out of stock and the lack of predictability in the supply chain.

Defects on the technical and management decided that many of China's auto parts enterprises brand construction of the road is hard and bumpy, at least not yet signs of much improvement. I hope the next decade will change.

Dong Yang (the Automobile Association, the Secretary-General): to be completed vehicle power components is the most important foundation. Now the car companies developed rapidly,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. but the lack of powerful components as a strategic partner, the high-end parts enterprises in almost all foreign owned and controlled.

Alice King (Automobile Association Deputy Secretary-General): Without a strong component industrial base, it can not be called for the automotive power.

Guxinguang (senior auto industry analyst): accession to the WTO in order to retain the vehicle, the parts put. For instance, turned out to give Santana supporting said parts can also be over later to give the matching of Geely, Chery, Geely, Chery and do not, such as Dorsett all parts of joint ventures.

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